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"Our position dictates what we see"

Ylva Eggehorn

The adventure is just around the corner! I offer courses and guiding around the world, with arrangements depending on the guest´s abilities, wishes and dreams. If improved skills in technique and safety is what you’re after then I’m sure we’ll find a course to suit; if it’s an experience and adventure you dream of, we will find that too – the mountains await you. I have guided in Europe, Asia and the States for many years and I am always up to new adventures and destinations. 


Pricing available on request. 

Many of my all time favourite areas are up North around Kebnekaise, Narvik and Lofoten, if you haven´t experienced the magic of Nordic nature I strongly recommend a visit sometimes during April to September. 

Lofoten, Lyngen, Senja, Narvik, Kebnekaise


These areas, amongst others, offer northern Scandina´s best spring skiing, with fantastic peaks overlooking the sea and stunning landscapes. A tour´s difficulty and length can be customised to suit the guests.

Skiing in the Alps

​The Alps offers endless possibilities for skiing whether it’s off-piste, powder, ski touring or day-tours, as well as fine wine, good food, cosy huts and beautiful mountains. It is however best to leave the final destination open until one knows where the powder is deepest.​

Summer in the Alps​

One thing is for sure; there are more than enough climbing routes for everybody. Rock climbing, mountain climbing, 4000 meters peaks, classic routs, classic peaks, and hiking – you name it. There is an adventure for everybody in the Alps.​ 

Endless powder in Japan

It has become some kind of a tradition to always open the winter season with off pist skiing in Japan. During these yearly weeks of Japow I work for the Stockholm based guide agency Mountain Guide Travel. Andreas Bengtsson from MGT has taken some of the great skiing pictures above, thank you!

Climbing up North

Midnight sun, solid granit rock, sea view from most of the routes, Nordic wilderness – do I have to say more to convince you about climbing at Lofoten, the Magic Islands. Also Narvik is a brilliant are for climbing and glacier courses. 

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